About the POWER OF ONE: NEXTLevel

In the two years since our launch as Word of God Baltimore, we have seen extensive growth as a ministry. Our mission to become a WORD CHURCH living a WORD LIFE has taken root in our people and we are already seeing the manifestation of our prayers, commitment and obedience. We engage in powerful and liberating worship, impactful and genuine outreach, proudly take on ministry responsibilities and opportunities, and ambitiously seek to learn more about Christ through discipleship classes and groups.

In 2015, we have challenged our members to use the POWER OF ONE to engage friends, family, co-workers, neighbors and even strangers with the intention of leading at least one person to Christ and/or to church membership. Our attendance has doubled, membership has increased and most importantly, the number of souls saved has skyrocketed Now it’s time to go to the NEXTLevel.

Our objective of POWER OF ONE: NEXTLevel is to prepare our ministry for to transform our community and city. With our exponential growth and new child evangelism partnership with Liberty Elementary school, this is needed more than ever.  We are upgrading and renovating our facility and systems to better serve our community and to impact more lives. We are committed to raise $75,000 for the following:

  • Renovation of the multi-purpose community center
  • Upgraded sanctuary seating
  • Upgraded Audio and video systems to support outreach and evangelism
  • Executive office renovation

POWER OF ONE: NEXTLevel is a two-month campaign and kicks off Sunday, September 28, 2015. We are asking every partner to commit to a sacrificial gift, above their tithes and offering to help meet our goal. Everything we have accomplished in two years has been through God’s provision and our faithfulness to unity. We will do this together…WORD CHURCH…WORD LIFE!

How Can I Contribute to the NEXTLevel?

If you want to help prepare this ministry for the NEXTLevel please place your commitment online via Online Giving download and fill out a commitment card. You may also use Online Giving to make a one-time gift.

For information on our 2015 Capital Campaign, contact Deacon Ron Curry - stewardship@wogbaltimore.org

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