The fallen world we live in is full of tragedy and suffering. News concerning violence, shootings and unexplainable disasters occur much too often. When things like this happen, it is easy for fear to creep in and make us think we are sitting ducks for Satan or twisted people to strike at any time.

But DO NOT open the door to the expectation of evil!

Today we are fasting from the thought that says: Something bad is going to happen to me or my family.

Of course, we must have compassion, prayer and support for those who have suffered; but we cannot allow what has happened to others to create our expectations and, consequently, live a life full of fear. 



1. Believe God’s promise:  Psalm 91:10 – The Message translation really brings this scripture to light: “Evil can’t get close to you, harm can’t get through the door.” Then, in verse eleven, it goes on to say, “He ordered His angels to guard you wherever you go.” Believe it.

2. Embrace this thought: “No weapon formed against me shall prosper.” Isaiah 54:17 clearly tells us that weapons will be formed against us; but they SHALL NOT prosper. We will always have adversity, because we have an enemy.  BUT, when we are attacked with the enemy’s weapons, they are harmless and we are secure in God’s divine protection.

3. Begin to speak the Word. There is nothing stronger to combat the spirit of fear than you speaking the Word of God out of your mouth. Fill your heart with God’s promises of provision and protection.

4. Know that God brings His Word to pass. God has promised to bring His words to pass.  Jeremiah 1:12 says, “I am watching over My Word to perform it.” Everything God has spoken concerning you is being carefully attended to by God Himself.  He will keep His promises and bring His Word to pass.


5. EXPECT something good to happen to you and your family. Whether you realize this or not, it takes as much energy to believe bad things are going to happen as it does to believe good things are coming your way. Start today and focus your thoughts and energy to believe God’s goodness is yours, and will follow you all the days of your life.



I believe the promises of God. Evil cannot come close to me. God guards me everywhere I go. I fill my heart and mouth with the good things God says about me. He is watching over His Word to perform it in my life; therefore, I expect something good to happen. My energy is spent on thinking and expecting good things to happen rather than bad, in Jesus’ Name!

-Courtesy of Gregory Dickow Ministries

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AuthorCinnamon Green