In light of daylight savings time, as well as the upcoming evening activities/events such as small groups and services, the Security Ministry would like to share these important guidelines with the membership to help keep us all aware and safe during these vulnerable times. Please take heed, use your best judgement and be sure to follow the provided measures:



➢ During night events do not walk to your vehicles without an escort. Do not hesitate to ask for, WOG Security or Frontliners for assistance.

➢ Do not give money directly to community beggars. This form of outreach is dangerous, and reinforces mal-adaptive behaviors.

➢ During night events, choose parking on Garrison Avenue as opposed to the school parking lot. The school parking becomes a high-risk factor during the night. Illegal activities are common on the school parking lot at night.

➢ When your internal intuition signals danger, pay attention to it, and notify WOG Security or our Frontliners.

➢ If WOG Security is not visible do not hesitate to seek assistance from our WOG WOW Team. Because, all WOG Security Members are not in uniform, members of the WOW Team can identify and alert covert members of Security Ministry.

➢ Do not leave total safety in the hands of WOG Security; moreover, help our security team help you.

Thank you and stay safe,

Bro. Wes Crawford


AuthorCinnamon Green